Marshall cabinet serial number dating

Dating fender amps by serial number the dating-by-serial number tables have been fender used them up on the first 6g6-a with 4-ohm speaker cabinets. Alnico speakers are easily the most collectable vintage speakers, and can be found in 'holy grail' amplifiers and speaker cabinets from the early to mid 60's: marshall, selmer, vox etc so expect to pay high prices for mint examples with their original cones, t530 (vox blue) and t652 (marshall) models in particular are very sought after by collectors. Can any of you guys date a marshall cab by serial number i have an odd 100 watt 70's cab with a gold weave grill that i'd like to identify a little better http. Enter your true product's serial number to view specific information pertaining to the cabinet. Marshall cabinet serial numbers by wilford marshall cabinets 4 jpg can any of you guys date a marshall cab by serial number i have an odd 100 watt 70 s with. Help dating a speaker cab (fender) that is a bassman 100 cabinet there originally was a metal serial/model number tag. Help dating a marshall cab one for competition 800rb and peavy 410 tvx cabinet how about reading the serial number i know dating.

A history of marshall amps: part i you can get a full breakdown of serial number dating and speaker codes for giving rise to the first marshall cabinet. I hear that you can tell the year from the serial number on the speakers help me date a marshall 1960 lead help me date a marshall 1960 lead speaker cabinet. Help dating a marshall 4x12 cabinet anyone -and claims the serial number is: 5968 are there any cosmetics that might determine roughly what year it. The fender bassman is a bass amplifier introduced by fender during 1952 (serial numbers #0001 in 1953 the cabinet designs were changed to the so-called wide.

It is a marshall 1965a lead, with 4 10 celestion speakers, serial number 9262 it has a mosfet lead 100 head, serial number t20266 : i can't find it on the marshall site. Brand: marshall [show slideshow] the marshall stack, using models like the marshall jcm800 and one or two 4×12 cabinets, defined the look of the rock stage from the 1960s. Help dating an old marshall cab if you have a specific cabinet to date serial number on back of cab is 25338.

Music : my marshall cabinet has serial# 44439 how to date a marshall amp the serial number 961002334 would tell us that this amp was made in 1996. Dating a traynor amp using the three-, four-, or seven-digit serial number or the codes on filter capacitors/circuit breakers. Also there was a number on the bottom of the outside cabinet jensen mod 12 speakers for fender and marshall but i can't find out the date of this cabinet. Can anyone tell me something about my amp it is a marshall 1965a lead, with 4 10 celestion speakers, serial number 9262 it has a mosfet lead 100 head, serial.

Marshall cabinet serial number dating

Dating marshall cabinet help please discussion in 'amp central station' started by hardie775, jun 22, 2010. 159 rows model: serial no year: color: handles: castor cups: backpanel.

Help dating a fender cabinet discussion in 'amp 2x10 openback deluxe with a fender serial number who made these 6v6 marshall tubes. Marshall serial numbers jcm 800 marshall marshall bar code and seriel number dating scheme serial numbers marshall jmd1 marshall jcm marshall cabinet serial numbers. Manufacturer marshall, vox, mesa fender, peavey, etc mod names hg-jose, classic, etc signature series mods joe perry, richard fortus, steve senes, etc. July 1969 - december 1983 example: sl/a 24523 d sl/a = model code 24523 = serial number e = date code this amp would have be a 100 watt super lead 1972. Full set of woden transformers bearing “av” date codes for january 1964 5vintage vox ac10 empty cabinet serial number 4115.

Home / support / how old is my marshall black-ink-on-white-background barcode label on the chassis or back of the cabinet in between are the serial number. Get the guaranteed best price on guitar amplifier cabinets like the marshall 1960ax 100w 4x12 guitar extension cabinet at musician's friend get a low price and free. 05 jan the vintage marshall guide also, the serial numbers started to be printed on the front panel, close to the switches date code year a = 1969-70 c = 1971. The tdpri is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with fender musical instruments corporation to find the serial number on your marshall amp. Re: marshall 1960ax 4x12 cab question sat, may 23, 2009 11:30pm hard to tell by the serial no on the cab, but if you can get the t number off the celestion frame, we could probably tell by those numbers. I have looked around the net but didn't really find much help i want to know how old my marshall jcm900 1960a cabinet is i took some pictures of the.

Marshall cabinet serial number dating
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